Charleston, Probate Lawyer

When someone passes away, that individual’s assets enter into the probate process. Paul W. Bradley, Esquire, is here to assist Charleston area families with the probate process. From providing guidance to limit the impact of probate to guiding through the administration of the estate and the probate process, Paul Bradley will work to help you understand what to expect and how it impacts your future and the future of the estate.

Take Measures Now to Prevent Probate Delays Later

A poorly managed estate can end up stuck in the probate courts for a lengthy period of time. Careful estate planning, including not only a will but sometimes also a trust, can help prevent this scenario. By taking the time now to outline the details of your will and your estate plan, you will ensure that the individuals you leave behind are not stuck in a lengthy probate court case.

Partner with an Experienced Probate Lawyer for All Aspects of Estate Planning

In addition to planning for your assets and estate, an experienced probate lawyer, like Paul W. Bradley, Esquire, can assist you in other aspects of your end-of-life and estate plan. One of those aspects is choosing and establishing a power of attorney. A power of attorney document gives an individual you know and trust the power to make decisions for you when you are incapacitated and cannot do so. These decisions may include financial decisions, and, in the case of a medical power of attorney, healthcare decisions. Recent high-profile cases have shown national attention on the need to establish power of attorney to ensure your wishes are carried out when you are no longer able to clearly state them.

Trust the Probate Lawyer Who Offers Integrity and Personal Service

If you are looking at your end-of-life estate planning needs, and realize that you need a legal representative to help, trust Paul W. Bradley, Esquire. As a lawyer who has developed a reputation for client-focused service, Paul Bradley will help you look at all aspects of your estate plan to make wise decisions and craft documents that are in line with what you expect, all while protecting your wishes for your estate’s future. Contact Paul Bradley today to get started on your estate plan or to get some help navigating the probate process.